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Simplified Produce: Corn


Corn is a seasonal summer veggie that's easy to make

I’ve always had an odd love for vegetables. Even as a kid I enjoyed eating out of our garden… I especially loved broccoli and spinach. Weird, right?

As I’ve grown up I have met a lot of people who do not share my love for leafy greens and colorful meals. While some may have actual aversions to flavors or textures, I find that most don’t like them because they’ve rarely tried them… or tried vegetables that haven’t been prepared well.

Fresh vegetables can be intimidating. Grocery stores make it very easy to quickly serve vegetables by cutting them for you or sealing them in a microwave bag – and don’t get me wrong, those vegetables aren’t bad for you! I am by no means criticizing your choice to purchase those… I am pretty sure I have some frozen green beans in my freezer as we speak. However what I am saying is that fresh vegetables contain higher levels of nutrients and have the capacity to be so much more flavorful than the “convenient” options.

Summer corn is delicious and easy to prepare

I want to help debunk the idea that fresh vegetables are difficult to prepare. In most cases, preparation does take a little extra time, but not it’s necessarily more complicated and in the end it’s so worth it.

As it’s quickly turning into summer, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite veggies of this season: corn.

I have prepared corn many, many ways since I started preparing my own meals. I’ve wrapped it in tin foil, I’ve boiled it, and I’m sure there are at least two more Pinterest-y methods that I’ve tried. However, I’m here to tell you that I found my the most delicious and painless way to cook amazing corn on the cob. …Want to know the secret?

Cooking fresh corn with Homemade Escapades


That’s the secret: do absolutely nothing.

Part of the actual secret is buying fresh corn – you can usually find it between May and September. Farmers Markets typically have ears of corn for $0.50 a piece! Try looking for corn with green husks (not pale, dry ones), those are usually the freshest. Once you get your corn home, plan to prepare it within a day or two for optimal taste.

Aside from procuring a good product, your only task is preheating the oven. About 45 minutes before you want to eat your delicious ears of gold (or pearls if you prefer), preheat your oven to 400°. Once heated, take your ears of corn (with the husks still intact) and place them directly onto the middle oven rack and let them cook for 20 minutes.

The husks are, in essence, acting as the foil that you may have used to prepare corn once upon a time. It’s steaming itself to perfection inside of the hulk! You’ll notice after about 10 minutes that your kitchen will start to smell like fresh, sweet corn.

huskes corn_cooked

Remove the corn from the oven after 20 minutes and allow it to cool for about 5 minutes. It will be really hot – and even if the outside cools off in 45 seconds, the inner husk is steaming hot, so continue to be patient and careful.

Once it’s cooled sufficiently, carefully peel back the husk and the silk (the stringy part at the top) to reveal your perfectly cooked corn. Pull the entire husk down around the shank (or stem at the bottom) and with one hand on the cob and one on the husk/shank, snap them apart and discard the husks. Done! No fussing, no wrapping, no boiling, nada.

huskes corn_peeled

See how beautiful it is inside? Spread some butter on that corn and season however your heart desires – it’s going to be good.

Now go grab some corn at the local produce stand and get to cooking! This is seriously the best addition to any summer meal.

corn with butter