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Cheerful Citrus Sugar Scrub

As a proud 90s Kid, I can not deny that for most of my life I had a shamefully large collection of highly scented lotions that I proudly bought from Bath & Body Works. These lotions, while surprisingly potent in scent, never actually seemed to make any positive impact on the condition of my skin. Luckily, I began… Continue reading Cheerful Citrus Sugar Scrub

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9 Home Remedies for Cold & Allergy Season

Not too long ago, I woke up with Pink Eye for the first time in my life. I was unpleasantly surprised to look at myself in the mirror and see one super blood-shot glassy eye looking right back at me. A friend of mine recently battled an outbreak of Pink Eye in her home, and… Continue reading 9 Home Remedies for Cold & Allergy Season