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9 Home Remedies for Cold & Allergy Season

Not too long ago, I woke up with Pink Eye for the first time in my life. I was unpleasantly surprised to look at myself in the mirror and see one super blood-shot glassy eye looking right back at me. A friend of mine recently battled an outbreak of Pink Eye in her home, and… Continue reading 9 Home Remedies for Cold & Allergy Season

Easy Peasy Puff Pastry

I know what you’re thinking. Pastry? That can’t be easy?? Well, my friends, that’s what I thought as well. I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw a post called 15 Minute Puff Pastry and I was highly skeptical… so naturally, I tried it. Admittedly, my first endeavor was pretty much a total fail, but I knew… Continue reading Easy Peasy Puff Pastry