Why Homemade?

I have always made an effort to make healthy meals, but in 2013 I became overwhelmed with the lack of nutritional value our food contains. We think that just because this fast food veggie wrap isn’t fried and says it’s “low fat” it constitutes a nutritious meal. Wrong! The food industry has us trained to believe what we’re buying is better for us, but even though it’s “packed with fiber” it’s also packed with preservatives, tons of sodium and sugars. Our bodies are not meant to process half the things we eat on a regular basis and I won’t stand for it any more!

Now, off my soap box.

After trying multiple (and credible) diets, cutting out certain foods, and reading endless recipe books, blogs, and on and on and on I could go… I ultimately arrived at the idea that if I can make it at home, it’s generally good. Thus I’ve made an intentional effort to eliminate packaged, prepared, or “fast” food. I have personally decided to also eliminate refined sugar from my diet, but I say that as my husband eats Girl Scout cookies right next to me (I love him, I really do).

Really, I’m just striving to learn how to prepare food for my family that has nutritional value and ingredients I can trust without sacrificing the flavors we want and crave. It’ll get creative and I’ll try to post facts along the way about eating right and living well – when possible I would like to compare the price of buying things in the store to that of making it at home. I hope that all of this will inspire you to live better – I would love to hear from you!

Will you join me in my Homemade Escapades?

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