Local Food Adventures

I believe there’s something almost magical about Farmers’ Markets. You’ve most likely been to a Farmers’ Market at some point in your life and perhaps even purchased something, but have you ever taken a moment to absorb the atmosphere around you? The colors surrounding you are more rich and vivid than any candy store could ever offer. They vary… Continue reading Local Food Adventures

Homemade Ginger Ale

Truth be told, I’m not a huge soda person. It’s very rare that I crave a Coke or Mountain Dew, but I do enjoy bubbly drinks on occasion – typically my bubbly beverage of choice is either an Izze or Ginger Ale (Ginger Beer is better but it’s hard to find). Recently, a friend of mine was struggling with… Continue reading Homemade Ginger Ale

DIY Projects · Wellness

Cheerful Citrus Sugar Scrub

As a proud 90s Kid, I can not deny that for most of my life I had a shamefully large collection of highly scented lotions that I proudly bought from Bath & Body Works. These lotions, while surprisingly potent in scent, never actually seemed to make any positive impact on the condition of my skin. Luckily, I began… Continue reading Cheerful Citrus Sugar Scrub

Easy Peasy Puff Pastry

I know what you’re thinking. Pastry? That can’t be easy?? Well, my friends, that’s what I thought as well. I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw a post called 15 Minute Puff Pastry and I was highly skeptical… so naturally, I tried it. Admittedly, my first endeavor was pretty much a total fail, but I knew… Continue reading Easy Peasy Puff Pastry